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The warrior Project SWOLE-SD

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SWOLE-SD (SUPERDROL) offers unparallel male support to improve recovery and performance. MAXIMISE Your training and weights routine to grow to the absolute max, Shirt tearing gains in weeks (literally)
From the feedback we've had in our stores we can say without doubt swole superdrol does what we actually say and what the customers want.
If you want to ad size and strength look no further

With gains of up to 8-10lbs in a month it’s no wonder why this product is quickly becoming a firm favorite with the Warrior Nation.

You’ll experience very little water retention but we do strongly recommend use for no longer than 8 weeks without cycling a PCT and having adequate time off before resuming the use of Swole SD.

* We would recommend not consuming alcohol, increasing your water intake and due to the strength of this PH, taking some form of liver detox product.