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The warrior Project LEGEND

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The Warrior project (TWP)
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LEGENDS. Helps Increase testosterone.
Helps to utilise fat to feed Muscle.
Can increase the male sex drive and
can also help with mood

LEGEND contains Ligandrol a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that is becoming popular among bodybuilders and strength athletes, with reported gains of anywhere between 5-10lbs of muscle tissue per month.

Naturally at Warrior Project we have always opted for the strongest and given this is around 11x stronger than its rival Ostarine, you can see why.

We also added Epicatechin, a powerful antioxidant meant to decrease myostatin which is a limiting factor to muscle growth. The theory here by reducing Myostatin we are reducing these limiting factors potentially enabling muscle growth past your genetic potential.

Lastly due to its strength arimitase has been added as an anti estro, making Legend a SARM heavy hitter for those wanting to pack the tissue on.

We would advise the use of a PCT post course and suggest use of no more than a 4 week cycle without adhering a similar time period break from use.

No milk thistle is required whilst using as its non liver toxic.