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Tested EGCG

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Supplement facts:
Brand Tested Nutrition
Category Fat Burner
Flavor Unflavored
Form Capsules
Quantity 90 caps
Servings 90 servings

Tested EGCG is a powerful green tea extract and has shown in multiple scientific studies that it is a very strong antioxidant and that it is very beneficial for overall health. Tested EGCG also allows the body to use more energy making it a great fatburner, simple but very effective.

Increase energy.
Increase fatloss.
EGCG increases insuline sensitivity.
EGCG has a antiviral working in the human body.
EGCG is a strong antioxidant.
EGCG lowers bloodpressure.
EGCG helps to maintain good dental health.
EGCG improves the biological balance in the colon.
Laboratory tested and safe!