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revolution for the world of shakers. Everyone needs a smart shaker

Just like every New Years Eve, promises are made. As a result, hundreds of people head for the stair masters and treadmills looking to get in shape for the summer.

The entrepreneur Mikael Nilsson followed a strict diet and training program. Every morning he was preparing his daily servings of nutrition and supplements, scooping protein powder from big bulk packs into small plastic bags.

Together with his supplement in plastic bags and his shaker in an even bigger plastic bag, it was a hassle to log around.

His cheap shakers were always leaking, making a mess of his gym bag and its contents. When he asked around he realized that almost everyone had the same problems.

Mikael searched the market to find a better solution, but he drew a blank. And as the proverb says, if you want something done properly, sometimes it’s better to do it yourself. He started thinking about a new, smart shaker with storage compartments for protein powder and capsules – to make it possible to carry several servings in one unit. This new, smarter shaker would be 100% leak-proof and made from high quality, non-toxic materials.

During the following nine months, Mikael worked hard on his idea, its overall design and features. He even quit his job to find the time he needed to achieve his goal.

After making the sketch as a 3D model, a prototype was finally made in Sweden.

By this time, the stakes were getting high. Mikael had been developing SmartShake for almost a year without any earnings. He contacted 40 different potential companies in Sweden, hoping that someone would be interested in his product.

In late 2009, the first version of SmartShake was delivered, just four days before the opening of the Fitness Festivalen expo. This event was a great success for SmartShake and only one month later the first orders began to roll in.

In the fall of 2010, SmartShake was introduced in the USA. The company signed a sponsorship deal with the 4-time Mr Olympia winner Jay Cutler. He is now an integrated part of the SmartShake team, a world class bodybuilder and devoted SmartShake user.

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