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Labrada Fat Buster - 120 caps

Product code - Labrada Fat Buster - 120 caps


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Fat Buster Natural Fat Burner capsules combine 3 of the most powerful natural fat burners in existence to help you shed unwanted fat pounds quickly and healthfully.

- Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract contains high amounts of a powerful fat-fighter called chlorogenic acid. Studies suggest that chlorogenic acid inhibits the enzymes responsible for the production of fat.
- Ursolic Acid is naturally occurring in apple peels and rosemary. It's been suggested in studies to support both fat loss and prevent muscle loss while dieting, a problem common with many popular diets.
- Raspberry Ketones stimulate fat loss and regulate metabolism by increasing the release of stored fat (lipolysis) and augmenting the fat burning hormone adiponectin.

Labrada's Fat Buster contains three powerful compounds that have been extensively studied and researched.

- Over 70 scientific studies have been done to study the effect of Green Coffee Bean Extract, suggested chlorogenic acids are highly bioavailable in humans, have inhibitory effects on fat accumulation and body weight gain, and other benefits.
- More than 30 scientific studies suggested that Ursolic Acid helps reduce adiposity, regulates body weight and metabolism, and also stimulates lipolysis.
- Another group of studies suggests that Raspberry Ketones may support both lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation. It also activates thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue, and increases the fat burning hormone adiponectin.

Fat Buster Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Serving Per Container: 120

Amount Per Serving:
Vitamin C (as Ascorbyl Palmitate) 6mg 10%
Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract (standized to 45-50% total Chlorogenic Acids) 300mg
Ursolic Acid (From Rosemary Leaf Extract) 38mg
Raspberry Ketones 53mg

Fat Buster Other Ingredients:
Gelatin, Bamboo Stem Extract

Fat Buster Recommended Use:
Take 1 Capsule 30 minutes before a meal, 4 times per day.

Keep out of reach of children. Protect from heat, light and moisture.