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Controlled Labs Red Acid Reborn

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We all know that supplements are not a replacement for nutrition and training, but if you are serious about taking your fat loss to the next level... the answer is Red Acid Reborn!

Red Acid Reborn is a huge step forward in the evolution of fat burners. It includes potent thermogenics, stimulants, anti-oxidants, aphrodisiacs and focus based ingredients to offer you the complete package in fat loss technology. Red Acid Reborn is not only about what benefits you do get, but what side effects you avoid: jitters, insomnia and feeling run down. This amazing formula also includes an aphrodisiac which helps increase your sex drive that always seems to be the innocent victim of dieting. All of this and in only a twice daily, easy to swallow, single capsule!

Key Attributes:

• Energy and Focus
• Helps optimize metabolic rate
• Natural anti-oxidant
• Starts working in 30 minutes
• Helps curb appetite
• Helps target fat loss at stubborn areas
• Fast results and muscle definition

Size: x60

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