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Applied Nutrition Creatine 3000 120 caps

Product code - Applied Nutrition Creatine 3000 120 caps

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*Applied Nutrition
*Creatine 3000 Capsules
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Preliminary clinical studies also suggest that creatine's ability to increase muscle mass and strength may help fight muscle weakness associated with illnesses, such as heart failure and muscular dystrophy.

Creatine is an extensively researched supplement which has been shown to enhance physical performance during successive bursts of high intensity training. It is a substance produced naturally by the human body, and essentially, functions to delay/minimise the onset of muscle fatigue. Creatine increases the availability of cellular adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the presence of which powers muscular contractions.

Creatine is found in high protein foods such as red meat and fish, but supplementing its synthetic form, creatine monohydrate, can help you to achieve the most from your workout, by increasing power output and muscle contractions. Applied Nutrition Creatine 3000 is designed for weight trainers and endurance athletes alike; complete those extra reps, lift heavier or run the extra distance.

Product Highlights

Delivers 3000mg of pure, pharmaceutical grade micronised creatine.
Available in capsule format, for ease of use.

Over the Years Creatine is one product/category of the sports nutrition industry that's been targeted by supplement companies to extract money from the customers. Basically research has poven that simple Creatine Monohydrate, be it in powder or capsule form is the best and most cost effective way to get your creatine! All the fancy products you'll see like BSN CELLMASS, Mutant Creakong Kre Alkalyn (many brands do a version) and so on are all just expensive ways of selling the customer Creatine. tick with good old tried and trusted Creatine Monohydrate. It's research proven to work and was even discussed by the Olympic commission years ago wit a view to banning it. They argued Creatine was a sports enhancing supplement? Well no s**t!! It's definitely sports enhancing but considering the body produces it and you ca get it from food especially red meat they were on a sticky wicket.
So in short explosive bursts of energy speed and strength are all enhanced by supplementation with Creatine.