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Applied Nutrition CP2 Critical Pump 270g

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Applied Nutrition
C:P2 Critical Pump 270g
C:P2 is the next generation of high stim Critical Pump.

APPLIED NUTRITION C:P2 is the next generation of Applied's original Critical Pump Pre-Workout. It's now more concentrated, stacked with the most popular and scientifically researched ingredients to help improve focus, performance, muscle pumps and vascularity.

If you were buying supplements 10 years ago, during the days of BSN No-Xplode and Gaspari Superpump-250, then you'll remember the ads in every muscle mag on both sides of the Atlantic, promising muscle-tearing pumps and hardness and size you could only dream of. Since those days, advertising standards agencies have tightened up and manufacturers have to be a little more conservative with their claims.

You're not going to take C:P2 and suddenly rip your shirt like the Incredible Hulk, but you'll absolutely feel the pump, the focus and extra hardness when you're using it!

We've all tried it at Legends. We can assure our customers, we only sell brands we actually feel work.

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