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Warrior Project

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Let this be the year you finally gain some Lean Size. It's the age old battle, trying to get big without adding fat around that trunk (Belly) Area.

W Warrior Project is simply the best brand availabe in the UK when it comes to cutting edge products and strength.


1, Preworkout if you want mental focus Look no further than Warrior Projecct LFT-SHT

2, If you want to add size and get frutrated with Guys in the gym who're maybe taking somehting you're not wanting to take. You can catch up without the added worry with Warrior SWOLE

3, If you're struggling to lose those Christmas lbs from too many Quality street and Mince Pies, warrior Diced is the best Fatburner on the market, it actually works!!! It gives you focus, suppresses appetite and cuts through fat.

Check out all the range at Legends, Online or in Store. If you want to ask us anyhting about Warrior Project Products, feel free to email us via the Website, social media or call us on 01782 636170 or 01785 747670. We'll beat any Online prie and give you the best advice

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