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The Stacker 2 Protein Range

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The range of Stacker 2 protein products that we stock here at Legends Nutrition offers a complete solution in helping you achieve your goals. Whether you are training to build muscle mass, lose weight, or are training for a sporting event, the range of Stacker 2 protein products has the perfect formula for all your nutritional needs. 


Stacker 2 Protein Can Help You Achieve Your Goals


Stacker 2 protein is a recent addition to our stock, and it has been specially developed for sale in the UK. A range of premium nutritional supplements, Stacker 2 gives you high nutrient density in each serving to ensure maximum results. The range can be put into five categories which include energy drinks, weight loss products, vitamins, sports nutrition, and fitness accessories.

Some of the Stacker 2 protein formulas and supplements we stock include the following:

Stacker 2 Stacker 4 Fat Burner – A top of the range ephedra-free fat burner, helping you shift weight and giving you an energy boost.

Stacker 2 Ultra Mass – A highly effective mass gainer, giving you the perfect balance between carbohydrates and protein with minimal sugar and saturated fats. 

Stacker 2 Protein 100% Whey – With no added sugars and no aspartame, this formula gives you all the easily digested protein your body needs to reduce catabolic muscle loss. The flavour is so good, you can make it with milk or water and enjoy!

Stacker 2 100% Casein – Allows you to build muscle mass overnight due to a slower absorption rate of the proteins contained.


Get In Touch to Discuss the Stacker 2 Protein Range


If you have any questions on the range of Stacker 2 protein formulas available, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re always on hand to give you any help and advice you may need in choosing the perfect supplements for you.