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With more than 20 specialised supplements for (top) athletes, Stacker has become a renowned brand in this industry. The line consists of creatines, proteins, multivitamins, pre-workout boosters, amino acids and legal performance-enhancing supplements. The sports nutrition products, in their characteristic colourful and gold/silver packaging, are especially popular because they combine quality with a reasonable consumer price, with a truly excellent price/quality ratio.

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Stacker2 Europe BV is the European distributor of Stacker2. Stacker2 Europe started importing and manufacturing nutritional supplements in 2010. Stacker2’s household name is ‘Stackers’, and the brand is widely associated with many popular sports nutrition stores, drug stores, fitness centres and specialised web shops.

Stacker2 products are nutritional supplements that help you maintain a lifestyle where you will be more attractive, slender, fit, muscular or healthy. Millions of people have achieved their personal goal with the help of Stacker2 products.

The Stacker2 product portfolio has five different types of products: weight loss products, energy drinks, vitamins, sports nutrition and, recently, fitness accessories.

European Mission

Stacker2 Europe was established by a team that set itself the goal of professionalising the sports nutrition and weight loss product market. In concrete terms, we mean that we want to offer consumers and distributors more than a dealership with the wholesale business. Our dedication and responsibility go further than that. We have supplements made to custom specifications in both North America and Europe. These are supplements that fulfil European standards and end-users’ expectations in regard to composition, taste, labelling and nutritional laws. A proven and high-quality product for a reasonable price.

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The importance of customised products for Europe

Most supplements aimed at athletic performance and weight maintenance stem from American brands. The quality of these brands is generally high, but there are also some problems. American and European laws are completely different. And that applies to product composition as well. American products often contain ingredients that are a medicine in Europe, for example (such as yohimbe, hoodia, vinpocentine). Specific knowledge of European laws is also needed in regard to dyes, additives and sweeteners. Not only knowledge about what is allowed but also which dosage may be used. And it’s not only a supplement’s content that requires attention but the packaging as well. First of all, think of the importance of correct labelling (list of ingredients, directions for use and warnings in your native language). But EFSA laws regarding health claims are currently applicable for all of Europe. You cannot just make any claims you want on packaging; there must be proof that a nutritional supplement is really effective. And that’s a good thing! Stacker2 Europe is headquartered in the Netherlands and screens its products so that they comply with European laws. Thanks to this, Stacker2 products are safe to use, effective and freely available for purchase in the entire EU.

American Production – Stacker2 Stackerlogotransabout

NVE Pharmaceuticals is the American manufacturer and licensee of Stacker2. NVE Pharmaceuticals is an established name as a manufacturer of weight loss products. In the mid-1990s NVE launched an unprecedented popular and successful line of diet products, and the slogan “The world’s strongest fat burner” was born. NVE’s plant has been trend-setting for almost 20 years because they make extracts with herbs that they cultivate themselves. NVE is not dependent on extracts that are sold on the markets, thus enabling the company to develop a purer and stronger end-product. Last year NVE expanded its focus to the production of energy drinks and energy shots. The NVE plant in New Jersey is a true high-tech enterprise where energy shots are manufactured for more than 50 international brands. Stacker2’s energy shot (6 Hour Power) is among the most popular shots in America and is sold at large chains such as GNC, Wal-Mart and 7-Eleven. It is also sold at BP and Exxon Mobile gas stations. With distribution in almost 100 countries and sales of millions of products every week, Stacker2 and NVE Pharmaceuticals are one of the biggest names in our industry. In Europe the most successful American Stacker2 products are 6 Hour Power, 7-Phenyl Stack and Stacker 2 Ephedra-free.

European production – Stacker2 Europe Stacker2EuropeLogoabout

The European Stacker2 products were introduced in phases since June 2010. We strive to develop at least 2 to 3 new products every year. The front runners in the European line are Black Burn, Stacker 4, Ultra Mass and Rush Enraged. The European products have been adapted according to the wishes of European consumers. They have a recognisable taste, a safe and effective composition, plus correct labelling. The product development focused on Europe has resulted in us being able to offer absolute top quality on a broad scale, thanks to which Stacker2 Europe has been honoured with various international awards.


The Stacker products have been given various awards in recent years. For example, Stacker2 was named Brand of the Year at the beginning of 2012 in Denmark by a CDON public poll. In Finland, Ultra Mass was named Weight Gainer of the Year by Fitness Tukku. Europe’s largest online shop for sports nutrition (Gymgrossisten) has nominated the weight loss product Black Burn several times as Best Fat Burner and in 2012 Black Burn was the winner in this category by far. In 2013 Stacker was nominated three times by Naskor Sports (Europe’s number 1 wholesaler for sports nutrition). Stacker 4 and Testo-4HD finished in the top 3. However, this was made up for in spades with the victory in the “Breakout Brand of the Year” category. 2013 is considered the year in which Stacker2 joined the exclusive ranks of absolute top brands. More than 2,500 independent sports nutrition stores in Europe voiced their opinion and gave us the inspiration to continue down the road on which we had started and develop high-quality products for reasonable, stable prices.


If you want to purchase Stacker products, you can easily do so on the Internet or at a sports nutrition store near you. Almost every store with a range of sports nutrition products (fat burners, whey, creatines) sells Stacker2. In this type of specialised store you will usually find our complete line for a good price – and you can also get product samples and advice.

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