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We Pick out our favorite supplements Based on a number of factors. Taste, Value, Effectiveness and Popularity are usually the deciding factors. But above all quality.

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From Dymatize Elite Whey which we compared to Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard when deciding our Favourite here. Over all taste, price and quality we honestly feel Dymatize Just has the edge. They're almost identical in Nutritional values yet Dymatize is on average about £10 cheaper? Efectiv Nutrition Premium Whey is the newest contender for the best protein title, Another product that's directly in competition with Optimum nutrition Gold Standard Whey, It comes in a good selection of flavours and contains on Average 24g+ of protein Isolate/Concentrate blend, less than 2g of carbs and less sugar than Gold standard.

Applied Nutrition critical Whey, Isn't as High in Protein per serving but over 20g and less than 2g of Carbs makes it fantastic Value.
All Applied products are on Informed Sport, that makes them popular with the forces and professional athletes..

BSN Syntha-6 is definitely our favourite Blend. At one time Gaspari MyoFusion ran Syntha-6 a very close second. But with the changes to MyoFusion it's left Syntha-6 the undisputed King. Nothing ever tasted this great.